Your time at college is an important period in your life where you will not only gain qualifications but you will also develop skills and build on experiences that you may not normally have the opportunity to do.

During your time at Prior you will have the opportunity to participate in a range of activities beyond your lessons, designed to really capture your interest or enhance your life experience. Some of these activities will be ‘one off’ opportunities such as foreign exchanges, work experience, charity events or competitions. Others will be ongoing weekly activities such as sport and societies or the Students’ Union.

There are many exciting Enrichment opportunities.  These activities are free, open to all students and there is no limit on the number of sessions you attend. They are also a good way to meet new friends and will look excellent on your CV.

There are lots of benefits of our Enrichment programme.  It can help you let off steam, improve your mental health as well as your physical fitness.  It can give you the chance to learn something new, contribute to the running of the college, pick up an old hobby, help the local community, make new friends, or just learn to be yourself and have fun.

It can be anything from Pie & Cheese Club to learning a new language or driving theory support.

Please have a look at our Enrichment timetable below, then follow the links underneath for more information.

Club Room Day Time
Art Mural 315 Wednesday 3pm – 4pm
Aspiring Teacher 210 Wednesday 3pm – 4pm
Badminton Sports Friday 12:00pm – 1pm
Board Games 222 Wednesday 3pm – 4pm
Book Club 62
BSL 224/224 Tuesday 12:15pm – 1pm
Chess 101 Wednesday 3pm – 4pm
Choir 63/64 Monday
College Musical Drama Wednesday 3pm – 4pm
Colouring 201 Wednesday 3pm – 4pm
Crafts 311 Wednesday 3pm – 4pm
Creative Writing 122 Wednesday 3pm – 4pm
Crochet & Knitting 212 Wednesday 3pm – 4pm
Debate 208 Wednesday 3pm – 4pm
Driving Theory 224/224 Wednesday 3pm – 4pm
Dungeons & Drag 120 Wednesday 3pm – 4pm
Euro Games 205 Wednesday 3pm – 4pm
Events 202 Thursday 11:15am – 12:15pm
Female Sports Sports Wednesday 3pm – 4pm
Film & TV 304 Wednesday 3pm – 4pm
Gardening club Wednesday 3pm – 4pm
Gothic Lit & Film 66 Wednesday 3pm – 4pm
Guitar & Ukulele 61 Wednesday 3pm – 4pm
Gym Sports TBC
Health & Social 204 Wednesday 3pm – 4pm
Hist Soc 209 Wednesday 3pm – 4pm
Latin 121 Wednesday 3pm – 4pm
Law Society 204 Tuesday 12:15pm – 1pm
MDV 101 Monday 12:15pm – 1pm
Music Ensemble 63/64 Friday am
Nursery During Week
Pie & Cheese 101 Tuesday 12:15pm – 1pm
Puzzle Club 123 Wednesday 3pm – 4pm
Science Club 116 Wednesday 3pm – 4pm
Student Union TBC
Team Sport Sports Wednesday 12:15pm – 4pm
Top Trumps 221 Wednesday 3pm – 4pm
Ultimate Frisbee Sports Thursday 11:15am -1pm
Volunteering All week









































































Further Information

  • Badminton

    Open to all students with all abilities.  General badminton training.  Training sessions will help select representatives for the college to go to regional and national competitions. If the session is during your tutorial, you will need to report to tutor before attending the training session.   Places are limited to 20.  

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  • Basics of Sound Synthesis

    No musical knowledge or ability is needed, just an interest in finding out how amazing sounds can be created using a synthesiser. Learn about Electronic Sound Synthesis and how Synthesisers work in general. Explore this theory “hands-on” using the Behringer 2600 (a clone of the legendary ARP 2600 synthesiser from the 1970s)   Places are […]

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  • Beginners Ukulele Club

    Absolute Beginners Ukulele Club The ukulele is one of the easiest instruments to learn, so even if you have never tried an instrument before, Absolute Beginners Ukulele Club is the place for you. In this club you will learn the ukulele from the very basics and learn enough chords to be able to play any […]

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  • Board Games

    Come along and play the games you know and love, there will be classic games such as Jenga, Monoloply, Cluedo and a variety of card games.  You are welcome to bring your own games to share in group.  This is a great space to come and relax and make new friends or socialise in an […]

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  • Book Club

    Do you love reading? Come and join us at book club. Book club is an inclusive environment that is student run, for everyone, no matter their personal interests. Here you can share your love of books, express your ideas and opinions, and just enjoy reading with no added pressure. Book club will run weekly over a […]

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  • Chess Club

    As the oldest and most respected board game in our culture, chess requires little introduction.  It is the ultimate ‘easy to learn but hard to master’ game.  At the highest levels of skill, it is an intellectual challenge of the highest order.  However, whether you are seeking to lock horns with a true champion or […]

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  • College Musical

    Every year, in the first term, we produce a full-length Musical – we rehearse twice a week after College and some lunchtimes, and this years performances will be taking place at the beginning of December. The project is open to all students in the College, so if anyone feels like performing, either onstage or in […]

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  • College Newspaper

    This is your opportunity to talk about the subjects that interest you and other students! If you have a topic that interests, amuses, or infuriates you, why not write an article for the College Newspaper. You may have a band to promote, a hobby that you want to share, or a belief or opinion that […]

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  • Colouring In Club

    Come along to our colouring in club.  It is a great way to relax, be creative, meet new people and spend time decreasing stress levels after a busy week in college. You will be given new sheets every week and equipment will be provided.  

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  • Crafts

    Come along to our crafts enrichment and have fun making and being creative.  We make everything from Halloween decorations to Christmas snowflakes. This is a student led enrichment, we decide collectively what we are going to make each week or you are welcome to make something of your choice.  

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  • Creative Writing Group

    We are currently a small group of writers who meet together each week to share ideas and discuss our work. We have been working on a group project together and this is something we’d be happy to involve new members in. We’ll also provide constructive feedback for any personal works that members would like to […]

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  • Crochet & Knitting

    Need a de-stress? Looking for a new hobby? Wanting to get creative? Do that with the crochet and knitting enrichment! Whether you’re new or experienced, everyone is welcome. Get some new projects going, learn the basics or find like-minded crafters like you! Join us and get stitching!  

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  • Driving Theory Class

    Come along and get some extra revision for your Driving Theory Test.  You will be given a subscription to a package where you can do practice tests, hazard clips and gain an understanding of the highway code so you can gain confidence ready for your Theory Test. Places are limited.

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  • Dungeons & Dragons

    Dungeons and Dragons is a place where anyone who is interested in starting or has previous gaming experience in role playing games can come together and create quests and explore their imagination through gaming. Whether you are a brave warrior, a wise mage or a sneaky rogue you’ll have a home here.

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  • Euro Games

    Enjoy Euro-games, a new style of board game! Multi-player – enjoy with your friends. With multiple ways to win, you’ll need to plan your strategy. Captivating artwork and game themes. No direct conflict and no one is eliminated. All players play until the end. Beautiful game boards and game pieces. Eurogames share a basic set […]

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  • Events Team

    Come along a join the events team.  We work together to bring new and exciting events for the students at Prior Pursglove. Be involved in planning and organising events such as Open Mics in the atrium, Valentines celebrations, Halloween activities, Religious celebrations, Children in Need, PriorFest, Christmas activities and many new events that we have […]

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  • Film & TV Seminars

    Come along and be part of a group where you will have the opportunity to view films and TV series which will be selected by you, the students and discuss them in terms of aesthetics and context.  There will also be the chance to take part in a mobile phone film challenge. Places are limited […]

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  • Gardening Club

    Come along to plant and grow fruit and vegetables of your choice. Create a wildlife garden. Grow and sell. Using the college greenhouse the options are endless. Group discussion on new ideas, lots of possibilities with the facilities we have here at Prior Pursglove.  

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  • Gym

    Students are welcome to come and use the college gym.  You will first need to book an induction and you will have to book your sessions in advance via email with Carole Blades c.blades@tvc.ac.uk The gym will be open and available daily – please check timings with Carole  

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  • Health & Social Care Practitioners

    Explore the many roles of different practitioners who work in health, social and childcare settings. This enrichment will provide the opportunity for you to meet different practitioners. You can find out more about their job role, what their day-to-day job is like and what skills are essential for the role. You will have the opportunity […]

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  • Healthy Mindset

    This is a casual, social support group where we will meet weekly to discuss, debate, share ideas, recipes, strategies and general wellbeing support. We will talk about healthy eating, share recipe ideas, bring in food samples to share, discuss what exercise is working for you and what isn’t, revision ideas, discuss any studying worries or […]

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  • History Society

    Hands on history with Hist. Soc.  Open to all students with an interest in History.  Activities for this term will include: papyrus making and hieroglyphics; calligraphy and feather pen writing; coin collecting plus a talk from professional historian Lucy Adlington.  Further talks are in the pipeline with museums and university lecturers as well as local […]

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  • Just Dance Group

    If you like dancing and having fun with your friends, then this is the enrichment for you.  Come along and join in the dances that will be projected on to a big screen.  Simply follow the dance routines and have fun whilst keeping active at the same time.  

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  • Latin

    This will be a basic introduction to the Latin language and some of the culture and history of the ancient Roman world. The aim is to give a reasonable grounding in the language, to understand the similarities and differences between Latin and English and to start to learn some of the vocabulary and structure of […]

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  • Law & Criminology Society

    The Law and Criminology Society explores Criminal Behaviour and the Law surrounding crime, this will consider the various types of criminal and deviant behaviours and will consider reasons for crime and possible punishments. You will explore how criminals are profiled and evidence is collected to identify a suspect. Discover the process of court rooms and […]

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  • LGBTQIA+ Support Group

    This group is to help you feel comfortable with who you are. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to meet new people, gain a clear understanding of what LGBTQIA+ is about and will even have the opportunity to plan for LGBTQIA+ events in the near future. This isn’t a political group it is a relaxed atmosphere social […]

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  • MDV (Medicine – Dentistry – Vets) Committee

    MDV COMMITTEE will offer aspiring Doctors, Dentists and Vets who are looking to expand their knowledge on topics in their professions outside of what is required. It provides opportunities to discuss subjects that can be potentially come up in interviews as well as showing passion for the career you are wanting to do. During these […]

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  • Music Enrichment

    Choir Do you enjoy singing in a group and want to come and see the different styles of music that we sing and perform?  We have a friendly group of singers and are always on the look for more.   Orchestra/band If you play an instrument and are interested in playing and performing in musical […]

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  • Pie & Cheese Club

    Come along to our pie and cheese club where you can sample and taste different varieties of pie and cheese from around the world. At the end of the year, we have a visit to the Wensleydale Cheese Factory, where you will be taken on a tour and see how cheese is made.

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  • Reading with Children at the Montessori Nursery

    The children and staff of Montessori nursery, based in the grounds of Prior Pursglove college welcome you to come over and have reading sessions with the children, whether it be reading stories to the children or the children looking at books and telling you stories. There will also be opportunities for you to tell your […]

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  • Schools Geology Challenge Competition

    The National Schools Geology Challenge is a competition where students showcase their interest in geology, learn more about the way geoscience impacts our lives, and put their teamwork and presentation skills to the test! Participants don’t have to study geology to enter – the competition is open to any interested students who are currently studying […]

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  • Sign Language Certificate

    Learning British Sign Language with us is fun, easy and flexible.  Our unique online signing course is a comprehensive introduction for anybody who is interested in learning BSL. The course will be divided up into lessons where you will have to complete each lesson and then take an assessment at the end before moving on […]

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  • STEM Support

    Social group for anyone who is interest in STEM as a hobby or for a career.  We would like the sessions to be a casual gathering where you can discuss your interest and raise any queries that you need some advice for. We are offering support for those who feel they might not be represented […]

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  • Student Union

    Who are the student union? Voice of the students: any issues student voice can be communicated through SU Organise events Organise charity events Make active change in the collegeSome main officer roles: SU President SU Vice President Events Team Coordinator Events Team Coordinator Assistant Treasurer Social Media Coordinator NUS Liaison Secretary Regular member (you come […]

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  • Team Sports

    Basketball – 12:15pm – 2pm starting 21st September Open to students with all abilities, general basketball training, possibility of representing the college.  Ran by a fully qualified coach.   Football 2:15pm – 3:45pm start date to be confirmed Open to students with all abilities, general football training, possibility of representing the college, teams will be […]

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  • Top Trumps

    This club will be about playing top trumps in either team games or solo battles. We will have multiple packs with different topics whether it be Lord of the Rings, Minecraft, Chemistry, the list is endless.  You are also welcome to bring your own cards in. There will be prizes for whoever wins at the […]

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  • Volunteering

    If you are already doing some volunteering or would like to organise some volunteering this can count towards your enrichment.  Some examples of volunteering that students are currently doing are swimming teacher support during swimming club, volunteering in hospitals and charity shops. College can assist in helping to set up a volunteering enrichment.

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  • Yoga

    Join a gentle 30 minute yoga session where we focus on the breath, movement and relaxation.  No experience necessary and equipment provided.  30 minutes to focus completely on yourself- It works wonders.   If you would like more information, please contact Zoe Floate on z.floate@tvc.ac.uk  

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