Chess Club

As the oldest and most respected board game in our culture, chess requires little introduction.  It is the ultimate ‘easy to learn but hard to master’ game.  At the highest levels of skill, it is an intellectual challenge of the highest order.  However, whether you are seeking to lock horns with a true champion or to simply learn the ropes, we will try to accommodate you.

Your entry level will depend on how you play.  Chess club is available for both novices and experts.  Those who might classify themselves as novices can enjoy simple, friendly over-the-board matches against others in the group who share your level of understanding of the game.  Those who classify themselves as more skilled may wish to partake in the tournaments that will be established.  The limits are simply defined by whoever joins us.

If you consider yourself more of an expert, then perhaps you might like to help our novices to learn and develop?

Take note that you should not need to bring your own boards to the group, but you are nevertheless welcome to do so.

Meeting on a Wednesday 3pm – 4pm in room 121 / 123


Mustafa (far right)was our

chess tournament winner

this year – well done !