Euro Games

Enjoy Euro-games, a new style of board game!

Multi-player – enjoy with your friends.

With multiple ways to win, you’ll need to plan your strategy.

Captivating artwork and game themes.

No direct conflict and no one is eliminated. All players play until the end.

Beautiful game boards and game pieces.

Eurogames share a basic set of similar characteristics:  First and foremost, players are never eliminated from the game. Everyone remains involved until the end. Conflict is usually minimized and   indirect. Winning a game is a function of collecting victory points or sets of resources. In addition, there are often multiple viable paths to scoring points or securing a winning position. Eurogames also encourage, and often require, extensive player interaction. Every player is frequently involved, even when it is not their turn. This can be either through trading, negotiating or other forms of influence. Furthermore, Eurogames use very little randomness or luck. If there is an element of randomness, it allows the player to make a reactive decision after the fact rather than before. Dice are rare in Eurogames, although not unheard of.