History Society

Hands on history with Hist. Soc.  Open to all students with an interest in History.  Activities for this term will include: papyrus making and hieroglyphics; calligraphy and feather pen writing; coin collecting plus a talk from professional historian Lucy Adlington.  Further talks are in the pipeline with museums and university lecturers as well as local archaeology and metal detecting clubs.  History Society members will also take a leading role in arranging activities for LGBTQ+, Women’s and Black History months, Remembrance and Holocaust memorial day.  Sign up and you can help to build the club around your interests.


Here the theme was Numismatics (coin collecting)

The students did coin rubbings and invented their own coins with air dry clay.

In this workshop from Oxford University our students explored the different kinds of sources that Historians use in their research and considered whose voices might be missing from the historical record and why.    Students then had the chance to put their analysis skills into practice with a variety of sources on Ancient Egypt that the Graduate Outreach Tutor (an Egyptologist) had selected for us.

There was time at the end for a quick Q+A with our host Chloe who is originally from Whitby and did her undergraduate degree at Oxford about the History entrance exam.  A further session on historiography is planned for later in the year.