Student Profiles

Anna Brownbridge former Outwood Academy Acklam student, now studying: A Level French, Geography and Computer Science

Anna wants to go to either York or Durham University to study French and Spanish languages and then go on to teaching languages

She chose Prior “because of a couple of reasons – the statistics, you get free study time, I heard that the quality of teaching here was good and it’s the only college near me that offers French

I think one of the best things about being a PPC student is the fact that you are able to manage your own time and how often you study.  Free periods are useful to study in as I know many people (including me) find it hard to study at home

I enjoy French the most as there are lots of different subjects you get to explore along with the language itself such as music, food and current French affairs.  The way the subject is taught is much easier for me to take in than GCSE French

For any year 11 looking for a college I would say that you should go with whichever college feels right for you, don’t let your parents make the final decision – the college you choose will shape the rest of your life.  Look at statistics and student satisfaction if you need help deciding.”

Essie Croce former St. Peter’s Catholic Academy pupil, now studying: A Level PE, Psychology and English Literature

After college Essie would like to go to university to study Sports Psychology and aspires to be a Sports Psychologist in the future.

Essie chose Prior Pursglove College “because of its wide range of subject areas to choose from and when I attend the open days all the teachers were very friendly and welcoming.

The best thing about being a Prior Pursglove student is having amazing opportunities to meet new people and study subjects that I didn’t get to study in secondary school.

I enjoy all my subjects at college because I chose subjects that I was genuinely interested in and I enjoy learning about them.

My top tip for a current Year 11 when choosing a college would be to find a college that appeals to you and has the subject areas you are interested in studying.

Zoe Parlby former Eskdale School pupil. Now studying A Level Biology, PE and Photography

Zoe plans to study physiotherapy at university and then eventually study sports physiotherapy.

“I chose PPC because older student recommended the college to me and always said how much they enjoyed the college. PPC also offered the courses I wanted to study as well as having the opportunity to meet lots of new people”.

The best thing about being a PPC student is “having time to socialise as well as having independent study periods. The staff are all very helpful and recognise independent study.

PE is my favourite subject because of the topics that are covered from the history of sport to psychology aspects. Wendy sometimes sets us challenges where we all get a bit competitive which is always fun!”

Zoe’s top tip for a Year 11 choosing a college would be to “take your time looking at the subjects you might want to study and talk to the teachers and students. Don’t just follow your friends do what feels right for you”.

Maisey Wilkinson former Sacred Heart pupil, now studying: A Level Geology, Maths and Business

After college Maisey plans on getting a business apprenticeship

She chose PPC because of “the range of courses and  the location” and says that the best thing about being a PPC student is that “you have a lot of freedom and are treated like an adult

Business is very interesting and gives a lot of insight into jobs and how they may differ from company to company”

Her top tip for a current year 11 is to “pick a college that suits your courses that you want to take“


Adam Tilling,  former Laurence Jackson School pupil, now studying: A Level Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry

Adam plans on applying to some different competitive universities and hopefully studying either maths or a related subject there in the future.

He chose Prior because “I had known many people who had come here and gone on to be successful afterwards and who all enjoyed their time here. Other than that, they offered all of the A Level courses that I wanted to study, the college is easy to get to and some of my friends came with me which made it easy to get settled in

For me the best thing about being a PPC student is that the teachers make the lessons engaging and having fewer subjects compared to secondary means that you can really dig into the details of the subjects you study that make them so interesting. There is also a good working atmosphere here as well that makes it easy to get your revision and homework done without distraction when you need to.

I think my favourite subject at college is probably further maths, although I do enjoy all 4. In further maths, I’ve found that you are really stretched with the questions in a way that builds on what you learn in A Level maths and makes you think about what you learned in a different way. I find that it is just the right level of difficulty that it makes you think, and feels rewarding when you get to the end of a problem, but leaves everything feeling doable.

My top tip for a current year 11 choosing a college would be to decide first what you want to do at college, like the subjects and whether or not it’s A Levels you want to study, then look at picking a college to fit that choice, not the other way around. Personally, I cannot recommend PPC enough because it’s been the perfect next step for me.”


Reuban Grossett former Sacred Heart pupil, now studying: A Level Law, English Language and BTEC Performing Arts

After college, Reuban hopes to study Law at university and go on to be a barrister or solicitor, or alternatively apply to drama school and go into theatre/tv acting.

He chose Prior because “it has all the courses I want to study, every teacher seems like they are genuinely interested in the subject they teach, and it’s just a 30 minute walk from home.

The best thing about being a student at Prior is definitely the teachers. They are always ready to answer any questions you have about what you’re learning, and if you struggle with anything, they give you all the help you need to get back on track.

BTEC Performing Arts is my favourite subject by far. It’s so rewarding and has given me loads of skills that help me everywhere, not just in performing arts, not to mention the massive confidence boost every lesson comes with.

The number one thing I’d say to any Year 11 looking for colleges now is to follow what interests you, because the fact I’m interested in what I’m studying is the main reason I enjoy college.”