Law (Applied) – BTEC

Law is the practice of enforcing social control by regulating people’s behaviour. It is about rules, regulations and laws passed by the British Parliament and the European Union. We divide law into Criminal Law, which deals with matters such as murder and theft, and Civil Law, which deals with issues such as disputes between neighbours and personal injury claims.

You will study subjects such as:

  • Dispute solving in the legal system
  • Understanding law making
  • Aspects of legal liability
  • Unlawful homicide and police powers
  • Aspects of property offences and police powers
  • Aspects of the law of tort.

The course is assessed by portfolio through both oral and written assessments and will provide you with a more practical insight into the world of legal work and will help prepare you for a career in a legal profession or area of legal practice, the police force, local government and business. It will also provide a basis for future professional qualifications and a rewarding career.