Law (Applied) – BTEC

Law is the practice of enforcing social control by regulating people’s behaviour. It is about rules, regulations and laws passed by the British Parliament and the European Union.

We divide Law into two branches; Criminal Law, which deals with matters such as murder, offences against the person, such as assault and grievous bodily harm, in addition to property offences such as theft, robbery and burglary and civil law which deals with dispute solving such as disputes between neighbours and personal injury claims such as accidents at work or road traffic accidents.

You will study 4 subject areas of law, covering topics as follows

  • Dispute solving in Civil Law (externally assessed)
  • Investigating Aspects of Criminal Law and the Legal System (internally assessed)
  • Applying the Law (externally assessed)
  • Aspects of Tort Application of the Law of Negligence (internally assessed).

The course is assessed both externally and internally. All internal assessments are a mixture of both oral and written assessments. External assessments will require you to apply learning from across the qualification for the completion of a defined vocational task.

The external assessments are worth 58% of the qualification. All assessments will provide a more practical insight into the world of legal work and will help prepare you for a rewarding career in a legal profession or area of legal practice, the police force, local government and business.