Art & Design (Design) – A Level

This is an exciting course which allows you to creatively explore a vast range of design disciplines. In the first instance you will be introduced to the design process and you will produce work through small exercises and design briefs. You will have the opportunity to explore 2-dimentional as well as 3-dimentional design processes and following the initial period, you will make a decision about which area of design you want to specialise in. 3-dimentional areas of study that are open to you include: product design, environmental and architectural design, theatre and costume, jewellery design and body ornamentation, sculpture and ceramics. 2-dimentional areas of study include: advertising, packaging design, illustration, branding and communication graphics.

On the course you will study design and designers from the contemporary as well as historical period. You will have access to our modern well-resourced Applegarth studios and traditional design workshop; and you will also have access to computer aided design programs.

Overall you will be encouraged to explore design ideas with imagination and ambition. Many of our students go on to pursue design related careers and choose to study design at University. Courses can include, to name a few, product design, architecture, industrial design, theatre and costume design, graphics and illustration.