Computer Science – A Level

Computer Science is a discipline which requires logical thinking, a systematic approach to developing large-scale solutions in detail and an ability to understand a large number of interrelated computing concepts.

When you study Computer Science at A Level you will learn a wide range of skills such as problem solving, logical reasoning and abstract thinking, as well as being able to develop your innovative and creative side. If you enjoy creating and implementing effective solutions to a wide range of problems, then Computer Science is for you.

You will learn an industry recognised programming language and be given the opportunity to develop and progress your programming skills throughout the course. There is a strong emphasis on algorithmic and mathematical reasoning, as well as scientific and engineering – based concepts.

The project, which is done in the second year, is a substantial piece of work and you will need to focus on developing and documenting a large-scale task for four months. Theory areas covered are:

  • Algorithms
  • The components of a computer
  • Software applications and software development
  • Data transmission and networks
  • Binary number systems
  • Data Structures
  • Thinking abstractly, procedurally & logically.