English Language – I-GCSE

A Level English Language, English Literature, English Combined. Sixth Form. Prior Pursglove College. North East

You will follow the newly endorsed I-GCSE for English, which is suitable for students taking the course in one year. You will study a range of written texts and carry out a variety of assignments assessing your skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Coursework makes up 50% of the course assessment, giving you the opportunity to develop research, reading comprehension and writing in an environment that encourages independent learning. The other 50% of assessment is through the I-GCSE exam, which tests the same reading and writing skills.

The qualification you will receive is an AQA Certificate in English Language, which is the equivalent of a GCSE in terms of acceptability for progression onto AS courses and higher education. You will automatically be entered for the Foundation paper (for a predicted C-G grade) but, depending on your performance throughout the year, you may be entered for the Higher paper (for a predicted A*-D grade) in consultation with your teacher.