French – A Level

French is a stimulating and challenging course, highly respected by all universities and a useful preparation for a wide variety of careers. Topics for study include:

  • Young people, their lives and concerns
  • Hobbies and leisure – what do young people do in their free time?
  • Crime, terrorism and immigration
  • Are health issues important to young people?
  • What about smoking, drug abuse and diet?

This course will take you well beyond GCSE, giving you a thorough grounding in the language so as to enable you to use French to discuss and find out about a wide range of topics such as those above. All this and much more in a course that combines linguistic skills with analytical thinking and evidence-based reasoning. Self-reliance skills and adaptability are developed by those who participate in either exchanges with a French school, cultural trips to Paris to attend the “Focus On French” Conference or a work placement in Northern France.

AS/A Level French is a demanding but highly rewarding qualification. A weekly conversation class, exchange trips plus classroom work will enable you to move from the transactional language of GCSE to Advanced level work where you will acquire real fluency.