French – A Level

It will appeal to students who enjoy learning and using French in varied situations. French is a major European language and will be an asset to any chosen career. The integration of practical French themes with other subjects will be of interest to students who wish to develop foreign language skills as well as enhance their career potential.

French is a linear qualification in which all assessments are taken at the end of the course. Students taking the French programme will have the opportunity to gain valuable foreign language skills and to learn about aspects of life and culture in France and

French-speaking regions of the world, and learn about family structures, traditional and modern values, regional culture and heritage of France, migration and repercussions for modern day France following the 2nd world war.

The course will also involve the study of some literature and films. The course is taught using a wide range of resources including text books, interactive and authentic material.

By studying French, you will keep many academic and vocational pathways open. French can be combined with a variety of subjects at university and many students progress through this route in Higher Education. French is not just a subject which leads to jobs in translation, interpreting or education since employees with language skills are highly valued in the service and manufacturing sectors of industry.