History – A Level

This is a fascinating course where you will explore four diverse topics:

  • The Early Tudors 1485 – 1558
  • The Russian Revolution – 1894 – 1941
  • Civil Rights in the USA – 1865 – 1992
  • Historical Enquiry Coursework – Germany

You will study two modules in the first year, The Early Tudors and the Russian Revolution, followed by Civil Rights in the USA in the second. All three are assessed solely by examination. Also in the second year, you will undertake an independent study coursework module on Modern Germany.

History is an intriguing subject which provides context for the world we live in today. It also teaches us valuable skills, such as critical thinking and evidence based reasoning, skills that universities and employers alike strongly value. If you want to try something different and have a passion for History, then this is the course for you.