ICT – Level 3

ICT is at the heart of everyday life and has an ever increasing role to play. To support this role, you will gain experience in several areas of ICT, including several multimedia topics. This will provide you with valuable, transferrable skills and knowledge essential to succeed in a wide variety of ICT related careers. Currently this course is offered as an AS level (Certificate) over one year, or the A level (Introductory Diploma) over two years.

In the first year, all students will be building skills using a variety of software and producing an animation, which can be used in the web building unit in the second year. You will start preparing for your career, gaining personal skills and using ICT to promote yourself confidently. To understand the essential link between business and ICT, you will study how organisations use information effectively.

As part of the second year’s programme, you will use the skills gained in the first year and a range of Adobe software to produce your own interactive product and a website. To continue the links with business, you will produce an automated application for a business using spreadsheet software.