IT – Level 3

IT is at the heart of everyday life and has an ever increasing role to play. The topics you will study will provide you with valuable, transferable skills and knowledge essential to succeed in a wide variety of IT related careers. Currently this course is offered as a Certificate (AS Level) over one year; or the A Level (Introductory Diploma) over two years.

In the first year you will be gaining a sound understanding of IT technologies and practices for IT professionals by learning the essential elements of hardware; networks, software and how businesses use IT. This understanding will underpin your study in other units, and lead into how we and organisations use information globally. How information is used and transmitted will link with your second year units. Both these units are assessed by exams in the January and May.

In your second year you will be following the technical pathway of an application developer; we will have input from a range of organisations to develop your understanding of practices in the real world. You will be completing the application design process while designing and building an application for a client’s specification. We will then be learning about how social media is used to market and promote products and services and creating a digital marketing campaign for the same client and their application. All of these units are assessed by the completion of coursework.