Mathematics – A Level

Whatever your ability in Mathematics, our aim is that you develop your understanding and enjoyment of the subject as much as possible and achieve success in your chosen course. All Mathematics A Levels are highly regarded by employers, universities and colleges for a wide range of courses and careers. All of our courses are currently made up of units from the AQA Specifications in Mathematics and Statistics; three units complete the AS award and a further three units form the A Level. All of the units are assessed through examinations. The first two units each year are in Pure Mathematics, alongside one unit in Decision Mathematics in year one, these are common to all of our AS and A Level Mathematics courses.

  • Pure Mathematics

You will be extending your knowledge and skills in topics such as algebra and trigonometry, as well as learning some brand new ideas such as calculus. Although many of the ideas are interesting in their own right, they also serve as an important foundation for the other branches of Mathematics.

  • Decision

Decision Mathematics involves the use of algorithms to solve a wide range of practical problems such as the scheduling of complex projects, transport planning and the routing of telecommunication messages. This type of Mathematics will appeal to those of a practical nature and will combine well with subjects such as Computing, Information Technology or Business Studies.

In year two you will study a second unit in Decision Maths or choose one of the following options for the last third of your course.

  • Mechanics

Mechanics is essentially the mathematics of force and motion. You will learn the technique of mathematical modeling – turning a complicated physical problem into a simpler one that can be analysed and solved using mathematical methods. Many of the ideas you will meet will form an introduction to such modern fields as cybernetics, robotics, biomechanics and sports science, as well as the more traditional ideas of engineering and physics.