Spanish – A Level

Spanish is a stimulating and rewarding qualification, highly respected by all universities for a wide range of careers where Spanish is a very sought-after qualification. Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world therefore an essential tool for business, culture and tourism.

A level Spanish is a demanding qualification which will take you beyond GCSE to enable you to master the language to high levels of competency in communication and linguistic skills. Spanish is a two year linear qualification that will be assessed at the end of the course in which, besides learning the language, you will study the recent past history of the Spanish Civil War, its current political situation and the main cultural icons of the Hispanic world beyond Spain. The course involves the study of films and literary pieces of work written in Spanish.

All this, and much more in a course that combines linguistic skills with analytical thinking and reasoning. Independence and self-reliance skills are developed during lessons with authentic sources and material to learn and the opportunity to participate in language immersions with residential visits to Spain.

Spanish is not just an academic subject which leads to jobs in translation, interpreting or education since employees with language skills are highly valued in all sectors of business and industry.