Student Profiles

Anem Ahmed

Former Acklam Grange School pupil, now studying: A Level Law, Maths & Physics.

“I came to Prior because it was clear from when I came to the open evenings and preview days that there was a brilliant working environment. I knew that I wanted to excel at college and from everything I had heard, Prior was the place to reach my potential.”


Abbie Brackenbury

Former Trinity Catholic College pupil, now studying: A Level Biology, Chemistry & History.

“I decided to go to Prior because the teachers were friendly and supportive when I attended the open evenings, plus they had all the courses I wanted to do. The college campus is organised and the people are a joy to work with, I’d definitely recommend Prior.”


Pierre Brown

Former MacMillan Academy pupil, now studying: A Level Film Studies, BTEC Performing Arts,  & GCSE Maths.

“The reason why I love prior is the freedom, for example there isn’t a dress code and you are free to leave the campus when you aren’t needed. The opportunities are great as well, I’ve had two main roles in plays outside of college thanks to coming to this college!”


Kevin Cen

Former Rye Hills School pupil, now studying: A Level Computer Science, Further Maths & Physics.

“Prior is known for its strong academic reputation. I thought that because of this it would attract talented and inspirational students and create a passionate learning environment that I to can be involved in. It’s also a great place to meet new people and to catch up with old friends.”


Holly Dunn

Former Outwood Academy Bydales pupil, now studying: A Level Economics, English Literature & Maths.

“Whilst at school I always assumed I would attend Prior as it offered all the three subjects I wanted to do. Then after visiting, it became clear that this was the college that would suit me best. I really liked the atmosphere and felt it was an environment where I would be able to learn but also enjoy my time while preparing for university.”


Ivan Gonzalez Torres

Former Laurence Jackson School pupil, now studying: A Level English Literature, French & Spanish.

“My prime reason for choosing Prior was the amiability of the staff and the variety of courses on offer as I was not sure what path I wanted to take. The Preview Days convinced me this was the college I was looking for, I decided to study languages (Spanish, French and English) and I am astonished by the highly interesting and enjoyable lessons, I never thought college was going to be fun, but my short stay here has shown me otherwise.”


Leona Hudson

Former Freebrough Academy pupil, now studying: A Level Accounting, Business Studies & Psychology.

“Prior offers a wide range of diverse and interesting subjects and that’s why I enjoy studying here. The teachers are all amazing and offer a wide range of support to you when you need it. I was worried about leaving school and coming to college but instantly all my fears were gone when I met the people I was going to be spending the next 2 years with.”


Jimmy Laxton

Former Caedmon College Whitby pupil, now studying: A Level Drama, English (Combined) & BTEC Performing Arts.

“Prior is much better than I could have imagined; the allocation of free time in combination with the general liberty of the students allows for a much more relaxed atmosphere, which I believe leads to a much more effective learning environment.”


Tia Maddison

Former Outwood Academy Redcar pupil, now studying: A Level English Literature, Law & Sociology.

“I joined Prior for the wide range of subjects available and the amazing pass rates. The teachers are extremely supportive and the atmosphere around the college is friendly and welcoming. I would recommend Prior to anyone.”


Connor Mason

Former St Peter’s Academy pupil, now studying: A Level Art, Psychology & Sociology.

“I came to Prior as it had all the subjects that interested me with friendly, hardworking teachers who are willing to support and help you at a moment’s notice.”


Michael Mitchell

Former Sacred Heart pupil, now studying: A Level English Literature, French & Music.

“I chose Prior because it has a good reputation in the local area, it offers a wide range of subjects and I live locally so it was the obvious choice.”


Thomas Robson

Former Unity City Academy pupil, now studying: A Level Accounting, Business Studies & Maths.

“For me Prior offers a wide range of subjects that are engaging and interesting which is why I enjoy studying here. It is a really friendly environment and every teacher is willing to help with any problems you have.”


Ryan Stallard

Former Hillsview Academy pupil, now studying: A Level Biology, Chemistry & Further Maths.

“I came to Prior because the exam pass rate was great and I liked the look of the campus from visiting on Taster Days.”


Talitha Smith

Former Nunthorpe Academy pupil, now studying: A Level Economics History & Sociology.

“I decided to attend Prior Pursglove College because of the amazing opportunities for progression, the friendly students & teachers and the wide range of courses available.”


Oscar Taylor

Former Huntcliff School pupil, now studying: A Level Further Maths, History & Physics.

“When deciding which college to go to Prior stood out to me as it had what I perceived was the best environment. Staff and students were friendly, the campus was impressive and the courses were varied. I knew I wanted to pursue A levels and I felt Prior was the best choice for this while the courses have been challenging the support available from the teachers and the staff has been excellent.”


Rachel & Sarah Turnbull

Former Stokesley School pupil, now studying: A Level History, Sociology & BTEC Business Studies & A Level Design, Geography & BTEC Business.

“I choose Prior because my older sister went here and she always said that she had an amazing time, but when I came, I was really nervous to meet new people and it felt over whelming being here without my friends, but I soon got to know lots of people, great people who I would defiantly consider my friends after college.”

“I came to Prior because of the wide range of subjects that I could study. Although there weren’t that many people I knew when I first started, the welcoming atmosphere from both students and teachers quickly made me feel a part of the college from the very start.”


Emily Wade

Former St Patricks pupil, now studying: A Level Biology, PE & Sociology.

“I chose to come to Prior because the college had such a wide range of courses and was very informative on what they entailed. The staff are also all extremely helpful in making sure you achieve your best possible grades whilst still allowing freedom in your studying.”


Katie Warrior

Former Kings Academy pupil, now studying: A Level English Literature, History & Photography.

“I chose Prior because I really enjoyed the Open Evenings and Preview Days. I liked the look of as all of my chosen subjects and the teachers were all friendly and welcoming.”


Aaliyah Wooton

Former Outwood Academy Acklam pupil, now studying: A Level Biology, English Language & Law.

“Prior was an obvious choice for me due to the quality of education and unparalleled support.”