The Trustees are the Trusts governing body. It comprises members drawn from a range of backgrounds and experience. The Trust Board meets often to consider strategic developments, systematic monitoring of college and management performance and prescribed compliance reports. Our Chair of Trustees is Dr Keith Hurst.

The Local Governing Body of Prior Pursglove and Stockton Sixth Form College meets regularly. It is chaired by Mr Jonathan Grainge, contactable at Prior Pursglove and Stockton Sixth Form College, Church Walk, Guisborough, TS14 6BU. 01287 280 800

Governance Documents

Prior Pursglove and Stockton Sixth Form College is part of Tees Valley Collaborative Trust. For more information about Board Members, Trustees, Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association and the Governance Handbook please visit the Tees Valley Collaborative Trust website ‘Governance’ page.

16 to 19 Academy and Free School supplemental funding agreement 
Illustrative Overview of company and governance structure
Names of charity Trustees and Members
Annual Reports and Financial Statements


Governor Membership List

Name: Position: Term of office
Ms Asma Shaffi Principal, Prior Pursglove and Stockton 01.01.2021 –
Mr Jonathan Grainge Chair/Trust Appointed 18.06.2021 – 17.06.2025
Dr Alex Barlow Vice Chair/Trust Appointed 15.01.2020 – 14.01.2024
Mrs Marilyn Collins Trust Appointed 27.09.2022 – 26.09.2026
Professor Raymond Oliver Trust Appointed 21.06.2021 – 20.06.2025
Ms Johanna Parlby Trust Appointed 18.09.2023 – 17.09.2027
Ms Seana Rice Trust Appointed 20.11.2022 – 11.01.2026
Mr Ruramai Shoko Parent Governor 21.03.2022 – 20.03.2026
Mrs Helena Walker Staff Governor 05.09.2022 – 04.09.2026
Mr Kristopher Lord Staff Governor 11.05.2021 – 10.05.2025
Additional Postings:
Ms Joanna Bailey Chief Executive Officer, TVCT Retired – 31.01.24
Ms Emily Cheesman Clerk, Stockton Borough Council
Membership and Vacancies September 2023
Governor Attendance 2023 – 24
Prior Pursglove and Stockton Sixth Form Local Governing Body Business Interests


College Link Governors Roles 2022-23

Link Role: Governor:
Safeguarding Chief Inspector Jon Grainge (Chair)
Careers Education & Arts Helena Walker (staff governor) and Jess Quayle
Quality of Education Dr Alex Barlow (Vice Chair)
Youth Mentoring and Inclusion Jess Quayle
STEAM Raymond Oliver
Special Educational Needs, Parent and Student Voice Kris Lord (staff governor)

Meet our College Governors

Meet our Governors

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Trust Governance Arrangements

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Complaints Procedure 

Complaints Procedure


Parent Governor Nomination Form
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