Mathematics – Functional Skills

Functional Maths is not just about knowing how to use numbers– it is about being able to apply and adapt skills to a range of everyday life and work situations. You will develop your mathematics skills, which will prepare you for work, enable you to progress in your career, in further learning and in your personal life. You will learn to problem solve and develop confidence in the subject.

Available from Entry Level 1 to Level 2 these qualifications cover everything from very basic to advanced Maths skills. Your ability will be ascertained on starting the course and you will work towards a suitable level of qualification.

Why should I study this qualification?

Anyone can benefit from studying Functional Skills as they enable you to progress in all aspects of life. Recognised by most employers and educational establishments as a qualification of importance, they are ideal for people wanting to update their skills and gain confidence in using English, mathematics and ICT. If you have not achieved an A-C grade in maths at G.C.S.E or equivalent and would like to develop your skills then this course is for you. There is no age limit and you not need previous qualifications to join this course.

Course structure and content

You will complete initial assessments in literacy and numeracy in order to determine your current level of ability. This will enable your tutor to meet your specific needs throughout the course and provide additional support if required. With guidance and encouragement from your tutor you will take part in a range of class activities and complete set tasks in the following:

  • Number
  • Measure
  • Shape and Space
  • Handling Data
  • Dates and Time

How will I be assessed?

The assessment process is flexible. When you and your tutor feel you are fully competent you will complete a formal assessment in the classroom. You will have the opportunity to re-take the assessment if necessary.

Course commitment

This is a 30-week course and you will be expected to attend a 2-hour session each week. It is essential that you aim to achieve 100% attendance. Your tutor may set work to be completed between sessions and you should allow a further 1-2 hours a week.

Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements, just a genuine interest, positive attitude and commitment to completing the qualification is required.

Course fee

The fee for this course is TBC.


On successfully achieving this qualification you may have the opportunity to progress to another qualification. You must have an excellent attendance record in order to progress.

Further information

For further information and guidance please contact us on 01287 280800