Supporting Teaching and Learning – Level 3

What is Supporting Teaching and Learning?

A Supporting Teaching and Learning Level 3 Diploma provides you with the required competency based knowledge and skill to work directly with children and young people in a school or college setting. This includes roles such as teaching assistant, classroom assistant, learning support assistant or special needs assistant. It covers all aspects of Specialist Support including planning, delivering, and reviewing assessment strategies to support learning alongside the teacher, personal development and reflective practice.

Why should I study this qualification?

If you would like to work with children and young people, but do not have the relevant qualifications to do so then this is the course for you; this qualification is also ideal for you if you are already working within the educational sector and would like to progress to a supervisory or specialist role. It provides an in-depth understanding of the knowledge and skills required to work in primary, secondary, college or specialist schools with children and young people aged 5 and over.

Course Structure and Content

Attendance is 2 hours a week for 34-36 weeks, term time only.  You will study the following 16 mandatory units:

  • Schools and colleges as organisations
  • Support health and safety in a learning environment
  • Understand how to safeguard children and young people
  • Develop professional relationships with children, young people and adults
  • Understand how children and young people develop
  • Support positive behaviour in children and young people
  • Support children and young people during learning activities
  • Support English and Maths Skills
  • Support the use of ICT in the learning environment
  • Support assessment for learning
  • Engage in personal and professional development
  • Support children and young people’s speech, language and communication
  • Understand how to support bilingual learners
  • Understand how to support learning of children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities
  • Support children and young people during transitions
  • Support the role of play, leisure and extra-curricular activities for children and young people.

How will I be assessed?

To achieve this qualification, you will need to successfully complete all 16 of the mandatory units. You will be assessed using a range of methods including assignments, presentations and workplace observations. You will complete a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate you have met the criteria of all learning outcomes. You must submit your portfolio for assessment on request.

Course Commitment

In addition to attending a 2-hour session each week you should allow 3-4 hours a week for further study.  It is essential that you aim to achieve 100% attendance in order to cover the specific course criteria.  This course requires you to have a work placement within a school or college working with children or young people over the age of 5; you will be required to attend your work placement a minimum of 1 day per week.  You are required to have a full clean DBS check to complete this course.  Your DBS check will be funded by the college.

Entry Requirements

A level 2 qualification in a relevant vocation is required.  It is advised that you complete Supporting Teaching and Learning Level 2 prior to studying the Supporting Teaching and Learning Level 3 Diploma. You must have a work placement to complete this qualification.

Course Fee

For further information regarding course fees please contact Sam Prosser on 01287 280800 or email