Financial Support

Adult Students eligible for Funding

Students aged 19+ who are eligible Education and Skills Funding Agency funding (as defined in the respective Funding Guidance Documents) will not be charged for their study programme. The eligibility criteria are as follows;

* Studying English or Maths at or below Level 2.

* Aged 19-23 years old and enrolling for a Level 3 qualification for the first time.

* Receiving active benefits such as Job Seekers Allowance and other work related benefits for any programme at Level 2 or below.


Adult Students not eligible for Funding

Students who are not eligible for Education and Skills Funding Agency funding (as directed in the relevant Funding Guidance Documents), including overseas students, will normally be charged tuition fees at a rate equal to the level of funding that would have been received by the College if they had been eligible for funding.

Adults students studying at Level 2 or below, who are not eligible for funding, will be charged a fee per term of the course. This fee is agreed by the College and reviewed on an annual basis.


Adult Students Enrolling on Level 3 Provision

Students enrolling on a Level 3 course are required to apply for an Advanced Learner Loan to pay the course fee, unless aged between 19-23 and studying at Level 3 for the first time. Advanced Learner Loans Applications will be completed in the first term of the course and should be approved before the first half-term. Failure to do so could lead to students being withdrawn from the course. Course fees are agreed by the college in line with Advanced Learner Loans funding rules and reviewed on an annual basis.

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