Funding your studies can seem costly, but with Access to Higher Education there is no need to worry.  Your course might be FREE!  While all level 3 diplomas are funded via Advanced Learner Loans, an Access to Higher Education diploma might have no financial implication at all.

This is due to the fact that once you have completed your University course, the Advanced Learner Loan you have used to fund your Access to Higher Education Diploma is cleared.  You never have to pay it back.  Students aged 19-23 and studying a full level 3 for the first time will not be required to take out a loan to study this course as it will be fully funding.

In addition to this, any person applying for an Advanced Learner Loan can access the Advanced Learner Loan Bursary Fund.  This can help eliminate the cost of travel, child care and provide you with the relevant materials required to complete your course.  Please note that only learners who have approved Advanced Learner Loans can apply for bursary fund money.

For further information on Advanced Learner Loans please contact Sam Prosser Tel: 01287 280800 or email: or alternatively see the link below.

Tuition Fee Policy