Business Studies

A Level Business

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It is difficult to escape the effects of the world of business as every aspect of our lives is touched by the work of profit and non-profit- making organisations. Business studies provides the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how such organisations function and manage their resources in order to meet a range of tactical and strategic objectives.

The first year of the course includes the following topics/themes:

  • What is business?
  • Managers, leadership and decision-making
  • Decision-making to improve marketing performance
  • Decision-making to improve operational performance
  • Decision-making to improve financial performance
  • Decision-making to improve human resource performance.

You will be suited to Business Studies if you:

  • Are interested in current national and international business issues, and actively read daily newspapers
  • Want to understand about the choices facing organisations, and how decisions are made
  • Enjoy analysing case studies
  • Wish to pursue a career in management, economics, business, finance, etc.

BTEC Business

This qualification equips you with a broad understanding of the essential knowledge and skills needed to help you begin or progress in a wide variety of business careers.

You will have the opportunity to gain an insight into some of the most recognisable organisations in the UK: this is done through guest speakers, your own research and visits to businesses.

The course consists of four units. The three core units are Exploring Business, Developing a Marketing Campaign and Personal and Business Finance. In the second year there will be an optional unit that covers areas of business interest including market research, customer service and the English legal system to name just a few. All units delivered cover ‘live’ businesses and all assignments will be based on specific issues a number of well-known businesses face in our economy today.

Over the 2 years of the course, two units will be assessed through coursework, one through controlled assessment and one by an exam.