More than ever, the vast array of options facing young people today can be overwhelming! In Careers, we recognise this and endeavour to prepare students for the changing employment market they will encounter.

There is a cross college team who plan, deliver and offer advice to students. Progress tutors meet students twice a week and are a student’s first port of call. Kerry Robson plans the tutor programme and coordinates information to be delivered. This is all overseen by the Faculty Manager for Progression, Olivia Wytcherley.

Central also to this team are two ‘student-facing’ staff members, specialists, and fully qualified in their respective roles, who work together. Diane Bate is the 16-19 Guidance Adviser, in college 4 days a week, responsible for 1:1 guidance and Sam Matthews is the Employer Engagement Coordinator, responsible for ensuring that subject staff are pointing out subject skills relevant to employment and signposting to relevant work experience opportunities, which is often virtual.

The Careers team works to provide wide and varied opportunities for students. Opportunities are posted to our MS Team – which all students are added to upon enrolment – and in addition, there are annually planned events, such as the Progression Fair, plus educational and employer visits.

Whatever your ultimate destination we can help you get there.

The information below should help you in your career choices and give you a head start in your career planning. Of course, there is no substitute to speaking with our specialists and further information is always available in college.

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Please find below a selection of leaflets designed to help you choose your career pathway.

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