Approach to Awarding Centre Assessed Grades – Summer 2020

Update – 23rd August 2020

This page outlines the procedure that the college undertook to determine to finalise the centre assessed grades (CAGs). The Ofqual guidance has been at the centre of this procedure. A document titled ‘Grading and Ranking Exam Results’ was developed and shared consisting of the ranking, grading and technical guidance to all teachers and managers.

In line with the Ofqual guidance document published 3rd April and updated 22nd May which can be found here.

The following steps were taken by the college:

  • Online briefing sessions held for Teachers and Managers.
  • Teachers awarded grades and the moderators facilitated the ranking if more than one class/teacher within subjects.
  • Moderators (faculty managers and deputies) appointed to rationalise grades and ranking in line with in-house assessment, attendance data and ILP information; they had subjects allocated to check and validate grading and ranking.
  • Moderation day/s held where all managers looked at each subject to ensure that results are in line with in-year performance, prior attainment and any other evidence related to learning. College SLT also present to undertake this task.
  • Teachers and Managers provided 5 working days to teachers to propose any changes where evidence needed reviewing further.
  • Two appeals received from FM for each site. In both cases further recommendations were accepted.

The following is the guidance shared with teaching staff prior to the determination of grading and ranking.

Grade Assessment

Student guide to post-16 qualification results: summer 2020

Ofqual letter to schools and colleges

JCQ – A Guide to Exam Awarding 2020