Benefits of studying Music at A Level

After a recent study into A Level Music revealed that there is a shrinking number of A Level Music entries in our local area, we wanted to highlight the amazing benefits of studying Music Post-16.

Like 20 other like minded Music students studying at Prior Pursglove College you would be making a wise choice choosing Music as one of your A Level options.

Benefits of studying A Level Music:

  • It provides transferable skills such as self-management, creativity, data analysis, performance, teamwork, problem-solving, and communication. All of these will come in useful for studying other subjects at A Level, progressing to University and when they are job hunting. Employers always look out for these vital skills
  • Music is an academic subject. Contrary to what people believe, A Level Music is a vigorous subject which sets up students well for university
  • It sharpens your memory; Students refine their memorisation skills through musical practice.
  • It teaches discipline, learning to play a musical instrument is the best way you can learn discipline. Your musical skills will only progress if you are willing to practice and this in turn improved your independence and self-management skills
  • Music can help a young person maintain good mental health. Creating and listening to music can have a positive effect on mood and mental health as well as aid relaxation during stressful academic times.

Music Teacher Helen Kirk said: “Here at Prior we have a vibrant music department with students coming to us with an array of different musical skills, be it through classical music routes, orchestral experience or from pop, rock and jazz musical backgrounds. Students come to us from all over the local area and many go on to study the subject at university and beyond.

“One of our ex-students has recently performed in a West End production after graduating from Trinity in London and many more are thriving in the profession.  Students get on well here and are challenged by the different skills that they each bring with them.”

Joshua Thomas (Former Outwood Academy Acklam Student) A Level Music Student said: “As a subject that I did not initially plan to take, Music has become the single most enjoyable and informative subject of the last nine months”.

Applications for September 2019 are still being accepted. To apply for music, click here.