Culture Day

Last week we held our annual Culture Day.

The students came in wearing traditional dress and celebrated all the different cultures from all over the world.

There was a student’s food market at break time and lunchtime which offered a Nigerian dish of jollof rice with fried chicken and meat, Armenian potatoes, lavash bread & bishi, Arabic basbousa as well as traditional British cakes, biscuits and scones.

We had tradition music, chosen by the students, in student central, with dancing and singing too!

There was also henna tattoos and face-painting and of course, polaroid pictures and a selfie station.

The day culminated in a ‘guess the flag’ competition with 30 flags being identified.  Unbelievably there was 2 students who could name all 30 and went head to head on a tie-breaker round!, the winner being able to identify which country had the oldest flag as well as the date established!  Well done, and big thanks to all the students for another wonderful day.