Inspirational Prior Pursglove College teacher honoured by Oxford University

Sixth Form Teacher & Deputy Faculty Manager Kim Lambert has been recognised by the University of Oxford for being one of the UK’s most inspirational teachers, after being awarded with the University’s prestigious Inspirational Teachers Award 2018.

Psychology teacher Kim who teaches at Prior Pursglove College in Guisborough, is one of ten teachers in the UK to receive the award which recognises the crucial role teachers play in encouraging talented students in their schools or colleges.

In October a selection of current first year Oxford under-graduates were asked to nominate a teacher who inspired them to apply to Oxford, fostered their passion for a particular subject or support them through the application process.

Beth Carter, 19, from Middlesbrough, who is studying Experimental Psychology at New College, Oxford, and nominated Kim, said:

“Kim’s love of education and passion for psychology specifically is felt by everyone that she teaches and even those that she doesn’t, regardless of your choice of career path she would always try and help in every way that she could.

“This unwavering support from Kim was not only given in an academic sense, but she would also always care about the emotional wellbeing of her students. When exams were approaching many students were feeling the pressure and were struggling to cope, myself included. Kim would run ‘open sessions’ where you could visit her and ask questions, do work or just talk to her about anything that was on your mind which really helped as it showed us as students that we were cared about as individuals, not just as statistics.

“Kim is a brilliant teacher and an amazing person who is a role model not just for students, but also for other teachers. She embodies everything that you can envision when you think of this award and deserves this recognition for her amazing work, someday I only hope that I can inspire others as she has inspired me and I can’t think of anyone who has positively influenced my life more than Kim has.”

Kim Lambert said of the award:

“It is such an honour to have been given this award, both on a professional and personal level. I love being a teacher and working with students of all abilities to help them achieve their best, but to have a student like Beth who shares your passion for your subject is something really special.

“Our students do not always see themselves as being worthy of applying to a university such as Oxford and it can be difficult to challenge the stereotypical views they sometimes hold. I found the whole process of supporting Beth with her application to be deeply satisfying, from providing stimulating extra reading material to organising mock interviews.

“It was so rewarding to work with her and see her confidence and ambition flourishing. There were moments of self-doubt about whether she was worthy of a place and a moment of panic when all could have been lost, however, it was mostly about sharing her joy when she was successful every step of the way. It is so deeply touching to have a student who has moved on in their academic career take the time to write so eloquently about the effect you as a teacher have had on them, and I will never forget the moment when I opened that envelope and read what she had written about me.”

Kim will receive her award at a formal awards ceremony and dinner in Oxford in May.