Prior Pursglove College student receives four midwifery offers

Securing a university place can be tough but when it comes to competitive courses like midwifery the competition can be fierce.

Prior Pursglove College student Ollie Thrower has wanted to be a Midwife from the age of 6 and it’s a goal she has been working towards for a long time.

From volunteering at a local Care Home to being a therapeutic care volunteer and maternity volunteer at James Cook Hospital, Ollie has managed to gain valuable work experience in the field.

When it was time to apply to university through UCAS Ollie didn’t know what to expect but she was blown away when she discovered she had secured not one, but four conditional university offers.

The Former Freebrough Academy pupil said:

“I feel so incredibly lucky to have been given the chance to study midwifery, it’s a goal I have been working towards for what feels like forever and It feels incredible to finally be at this point.

“There are so many reasons why I want to be a midwife, but I would say what made me want to be one in the first place was the experiences of my Mam. The way she spoke about the care she received, both positive and negative, makes me want to be the best midwife that I can be, and be there in partnership with every woman in my care, no matter their circumstances.”

Ollie also wanted to offer advice for anyone who was thinking of studying midwifery at university:

“People will tell you that it is hard because midwifery is competitive. What I would say is that yes, it’s hard, but if you work hard, you can do it. If you feel like midwifery is the career for you, and you’re passionate about it, absolutely go for it and put your all into it, it is hard yes, but it is not impossible.”

She also went on to add:

“I’d like to thank my health and social care teachers Jill Woodrow and Carole Blades for being so supportive, and for helping me with my application. Despite the challenges of lockdown and online learning they have always gone out of their way to support me to get to where I am now, and for that I am so grateful.”