Prior Pursglove College students receive special local award

Eve Lister and Andrew Wilson with their award. Photo credit: Dennis Weller

Eve Lister and Andrew Wilson recipients of the first Community Involvement Award. Photo credit: Dennis Weller


Two Prior Pursglove College Students have been awarded by the de Brus group due to their help with the de Brus Symposium earlier this year.

The de Brus Community Awards which is a trust that the de Brus group have set up for students who contribute to the community has been awarded to students Eve Lister and Andrew Wilson.

They are the first ever recipients of the Community Involvement Award which recognises the efforts of students to work with the community to emphasise the link between Guisborough and the College.

The inaugural presentation of the de Brus Trophy was made earlier this month by Principal of Prior Pursglove and Stockton Sixth Form College, Joanna Bailey and Vice Principal Asma Shaffi to the students.

The de Brus Symposium was organised by the de Brus Project and featured a variety of knowledgeable speakers including Dr Ruth Blakely, Dr Alan Young, Peter Appleton, Canon Bryan Sandford, Jean Eccleston and the college’s previous Heritage Officer, Dr M Prior.

The event was part of a long term involvement with the de Brus Society starting three years ago when a group of students took on the challenge of designing a website to promote the area’s forgotten past and the role the medieval de Brus family had in making Teesside and North Yorkshire what it is today.

The de Brus group said of the award:

“In appreciation of the support received from the students of Prior Pursglove College, the de Brus committee decided to donate a trophy to the college to be presented annually to the students who had contributed most to the community.

“It is hoped that by endowing the de Brus Trophy then future students will get just reward for their extracurricular efforts to help in community projects such as the de Brus Group”.

Recipient Eve Lister said of the award:

“I was very honored to receive the award – it was a lovely surprise, as I did not think a little bit of volunteer work would result in anything beyond a CV reference, which would’ve and will be brilliant as is.

“As someone who is very interested in history and the study of genealogy, I thought it would be interesting to get involved.

“I would encourage anyone considering volunteering to do it – having my name on a trophy was unexpected, and I gained lots of skills from the event. Interacting with academics, true experts in their field, was very engaging and interesting.

“I’d like to thank the de Brus foundation for the grant, but, more than that, the experience of interacting with people I would never have had the pleasure to work with otherwise. I hope to maintain contact with the foundation, and certainly pass on the award to another keen volunteer with a thirst for knowledge.”