Students don high heels to ‘Walk in her Shoes’

Students have raised awareness of the plight of thousands of young girls in third world countries who still have to walk for many hours a day to collect water for their families.

A group of both female and male students took part in a sponsored ‘Walk in her Shoes’ event for Care International, walking from the college through Guisborough High Street in high heeled purple shoes carrying buckets of water to represent the difficult and challenging walk many young people do to stay alive.

Leah Davey said: “I think it’s important to highlight the issues that some girls have to go through to get something as basic as water. It’s sad to think girls the same age as me have such a struggle for something we take for granted.

“While we are doing A levels, other girls are fighting for their lives.”

Andrea Booth, School Liaison and Events Officer said: “Every day, girls all over the world are missing out on going to school because they have to walk for miles to collect water for their families. This daily trudge means that they never reach their potential in life. The idea of wearing heels was to create a difficult walking experience for our students so they can better appreciate the daily struggles of people in third world countries. Shoes were kindly donated from staff and students, but finding the larger sizes for some of the guys wasn’t easy!”

Principal Joanna Bailey said: “The Events Team hit upon a light-hearted and eye-catching way to draw attention to a serious issue. The Patron of Care International is a direct descendant of the great suffragette, Emmeline Pankhurst, with the charity seeking to improve the lot of women across the developing world. The students – male and female – turned a lot of heads as they paraded along Westgate in purple high heels! It’s great to see our students demonstrating their social conscience as well as a sense of humour.”IMG_6485 IMG_6514 IMG_6549