Students working in Partnership with the Aircon Group

You may remember that during the summer one of our Career Ready students, Libby Gordon, spent her internship with the Aircon Group and in particular with Erica Johnson-Trumper and Ross Cousin in the Sales and Marketing Department.

Libby, who studies Fine Art, Economics and Maths at college built up many skills during her placement, exploring the business in detail, learning about their marketing plan, looking at databases, excel and Chat GPT as well as building up some basic engineering knowledge amongst other things.  Aware that Libby was studying Art, Erica asked Libby if she would  like to design the company Christmas card and I’m sure you will agree with us that she has understood and represented the company and branding perfectly!


Libby says “As a part of the Career Ready Programme, I was offered an internship at Aircon Group to work alongside my mentor Erica.

I completed many day-to-day tasks within the office and learned how to use different types of software as well as attending a networking event with one of my colleagues where I worked on skills such as my confidence and communication.

Overall, I had a really great experience at the Aircon Group.  Everyone was welcoming and supported me with any questions I had and all the tasks I needed to complete. This allowed me to become more confident in choosing my next steps for further education.”

Erica said: “Libby did her internship alongside another student from Middlesbrough College, we encouraged team working skills and to evaluate their work, not to just accept that it’s right first time. We asked Libby to design our Company Christmas Card, she set about creating three designs, all excellent quality so we put them to the vote and asked all the staff for their favourite, we then sent the design to our graphic designer so that it could be created into a card as you see in the picture. As a thank you for supporting us during the summer we run workshops on CV writing, LinkedIn and presentation skills, life skills we hope the students can use in the future. Libby is an absolute credit to Prior Pursglove.”

Well done Libby, what an amazing achievement and a fabulous addition to your CV.

Following on from the success of this placement, Erica didn’t hesitate when she saw a request on LinkedIn for another Prior Pursglove College student, Ruby Lambton,  looking for work experience.

Ruby had asked her family and friends if they knew of anywhere that might offer work experience as she was undecided between two different vocations and thought some experience might help her decide where her true interests lie.

After seeing the shout-out posted by Ruby’s mum, Erica contacted Ruby and arranged a Teams chat to see if she might be able to support.

The call was very successful, and they agreed that Ruby could start shortly after.

Ruby says “Erica arranged a Teams meeting to discuss my interests and address any questions I had, as well as confirming my placement.

When I started, I was warmly welcomed by Ross, Erica’s colleague, and introduced to the entire team.

Most of my time was spent in Erica and Ross’ office, where I played a vital role in launching DocuSign, due to my interest in Law and contract law, as Erica had suggested.

My time there was always engaging, contributing significantly to my continuous learning and development.  I not only learned how to use DocuSign but also gained insights into contract structures and their practical applications.

Erica effectively utilised my skills, ranging from English Literature for blogs and newsletters to facilitating collaboration within the team for contract ideas.

Throughout my experience I felt valued, respected, and truly integrated into the team. This opportunity has ultimately provided me with an understanding of workplace dynamics and responsibilities.”

Ruby’s placement lasted for three months, and she not only helped to get DocuSign up and running in the business but was also instrumental in helping Erica to train all the staff who were given a DocuSign account.

Erica described Ruby as a “little star” and said: “It is rare that we get young people with so much drive and determination to succeed, it was obvious from the outset that Ruby needed a real challenge so we gave her the DocuSign project.  As a system it takes some setting up and Ruby was instrumental in this, creating accounts, formatting documents and dealing with the high demands of managers as they have high expectations of how they want their documents to look, and probably not the easiest to train as we are all stuck in our ways, but Ruby stayed calm, polite and supportive, resolving issues that arose along the way.  Ruby is also a credit to Prior Pursglove going above and beyond as she came in to do additional hours during the half term holiday”.

Well done Ruby, this is a brilliant example of utilising your network, as well as gaining many other practical employability skills.

Thank you so much to Erica, Ross and the rest of the team at the Aircon Group for your generosity in the help and support afforded to our students, we are very grateful and look forward to working with you again in the future.