Wannabe medics quiz local GP


Aspiring medics at Prior Pursglove College were given the opportunity to take part in a lively question and answer session with a local General Practitioner today.

Students turned up to speak with Dr Phil Adam as part of the college’s focus on career advice and guidance.

The group was given information about the variety of roles available in both Physiotherapy and Medicine sectors, as well as advice on how to stay up-to-date with industry news to impress during university interviews. Students also quizzed Dr Adam on recent headlines regarding working conditions and pay for junior doctors.

Dr Adam said: “Working in medicine is challenging; it does take a toll on your personal life. It’s true when people say ‘it’s more than just a job’. But that’s what makes it interesting; it is an extremely rewarding career.”

Prior Pursglove College has a strong record of securing students’ competitive places to study Medicine at universities around the country.

Sue Copeland, Work experience and volunteering coordinator at Prior Pursglove College, said: “Activities like these allow our students to gain a unique insight into different sectors and really help them carve out their future career pathway.

“We’re very grateful to Dr Adam for taking time out of his busy schedule to share his expertise.”