Work Experience Diaries – Ollie Thrower

Former Freebrough Academy student Ollie Thrower, who is now studying Health & Social Care & Biology with us shares all of the valuable hands on experience she has gained while completing placements in many different areas of Health & Social Care.

“I have volunteered alongside nurses, doctors, health care assistants, general practitioners, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, midwives and ward sisters.

“I have volunteered on the stroke ward, the spinal injuries unit, the renal ward, the hip ward, infectious diseases, the postnatal and transitional care unit, the paediatric wards, and many more.

“This is such a varied role and it gives you an opportunity to find out what health care is really all about. I’ve had patients who I’ve visited up to four weeks in a row who I’ve built incredible relationships with, patients I’ve played games with, had meaningful chats with, I’ve heard stories of the war times and countless tales of how husband’s met wives.

“I’ve sat with patients on end of life care and seen a new born baby be cradled by her mother. I’ve observed nurse rounds, been taught about maternity notes, shadowed professionals and comforted confused patients at a time of need.

“I’ve worn aprons, gloves, full body protection suits and handed out dinners to hundreds of patients. I’ve been a visitor and a listening ear to patients who have no family to visit them, and this is what the role is all about.

“To be a Therapeutic Care Volunteer, you have to be caring. You have to be compassionate and have empathy for people you know so little about. You have to be professional and recognise the importance of your role.

“Having volunteered for over three months at James Cook I am now carrying out a six-month placement in maternity services and will spend four weeks in each maternity ward.

“Not only is therapeutic care a rewarding role that allows you to learn independence and confidence, it’s a role that opens up new doors and provides you with experience that is invaluable when applying for a health-related degree.”