Film Studies – A Level

Film is one of the major art forms of the 21st century, with new modes of expression and exhibition continuing to develop. Film Studies enables you to explore the medium of film both academically and creatively.  The course covers a diverse range of film forms and styles and focuses on the aesthetics of film, the story telling process, film as an industry and the cultural, political, social, ethical and moral issues concerning the production and reception of film.

AS Film introduces you to the conventions of cinema – enabling you to read a film in specific detail – observing reasons behind elements such as camerawork, editing, and sound. You will use this knowledge to produce a portfolio of written and creative coursework (an essay and the production of storyboards or screenplays) which will demonstrate your awareness of how to use techniques in a meaningful way. For the exam topic you will investigate British and American cinema, exploring representation, themes, genre and narrative in a selection of UK and US films as well as studying the business and financial aspects.

At A2, the coursework requires you to create and produce your own short film or extended screenplay and to conduct and produce your own research project into a selection of films you are particularly interested in. The exam work covers world cinema and spectatorship and requires critical analysis of films studied to broaden your awareness of the power and diversity of cinema.

Students find Film Studies a stimulating course which sits very well with (and complements) a wide range of other subjects. Progression onto Film, Media, Photography and Art courses is common, as well as to Cultural Studies and Social Science courses at higher education level. The analytical, research, ICT and creative skills developed on this course will help to prepare you for university study or employment.