Media Studies – A Level

The media plays an increasingly powerful role in today’s society, revolutionising social interactions and exerting influence in every industry, from entertainment to international politics. Media Studies is a lively, varied and engaging course that develops skills in research, ICT, analysis and critical thinking, besides being very practical and providing the cutting edge in a wide variety of fields of learning. We use the best industry standard software within custom-made suites.

In the AS course the coursework involves producing a professional, online and interactive portfolio that records the development of a unique magazine produced for the digital age. It provides a foundation in photographic, digital imaging/design, textual analysis and presentation/written skills. The exam focuses on the technical construction of TV dramas involved in the handling of key issues in today’s society, alongside examining how media products are made for particular audiences.

The A2 course switches its focus from journalism towards film, building on the skills taught to produce your own film before marketing the product to a specific audience. Key media concepts are investigated in the exam, alongside an exploration of the powerful influences creating the future of media.