Music – A Level

Music will develop your practical, creative and analytical skills. The course looks at your aural skills and musical understanding in order to develop a firm foundation for analysing music. The course also requires you to be creative and to perform on your chosen instrument as a soloist, in an ensemble or using music technology, whilst also focusing on your composition skills.

In the second year of the course, you will be using all the skills you have developed to gain a more intense level of musicianship. You will study a wide range of music of different styles including pop, folk and classical and develop a more advanced level of aural awareness and analytical skill. There is also a composition or arranging assignment and a solo performance on your instrument or using music technology to perform.

There are many opportunities to join in with musical ensembles within college,  including orchestra, choir and pop/rock ensembles and many more.  The college puts on music concerts each year and students also perform at Middlesbrough Town Hall at Christmas.  There is also a Christmas musical production every year.

You do not need Music GCSE to take A Level Music, an understanding of written notation and a passion for playing your instrument or for singing is the most important thing.